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Privacy Policy

About managing personal information

MJPB2B are gathering and managing customer personal information with Facebook and Wixcom. Also, MJPB2B has a highest responsibility to receive and protect our customer information. We will only use the information for our service improvement.  In addition, MJPB2B agree to Facebook and Wixcom privacy policy

Service Policy

Purpose of our service 

MJPB2B is exporting “Sweets, Tea & Authentic items” to Asia and worldwide. By connecting Japanese suppliers to foreign buyers, we are giving new opportunities to both sides using our e-commerce website, social network advertising and exporting method. Our clients work for gift, food and interior design companies

Main advertising platform

MJPB2B makes advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, mainly. Since our clients are mostly from Asia, we are focusing on these social network. Customer service are available from and wholesale section from this website.

About the purchasing process

MJPB2B is providing the purchase method from Credit card and Paypal. Due to provide easiness and trustful purchase method to all of our clients, we are working on to increase the payment methods.

About the exporting process

MJPB2B are mainly importing your orders from Japan Post Holding Co.,Ltd(日本郵政株式会社), DHL Japan,Inc. and FedEx Corporation. These are the most reasonable and truthful way that we recommend.

About free business consultation for our clients

Free consultation are for company CEOs, business owners or marketers who are thinking to buy MJP products in Wholesale. Usually, we offer our clients a starter package and free products to feel what our service is like.

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