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​About our Manufacturer

MJPB2B are gathering professional manufacturers from Tokyo Japan. Cooperating with traditional shops and companies. They are specialized in making sweets, tea and authentic items. Starting from Asakusa, Nihonbashi, Ueno and other prefectures. One by one, the items are hand made or designed my Japanese manufacturers.


About Sweets manufacturers

Japan is rich in food and flavors. Japanese sweets, translated to “Wagashi” were born in the Jomon era. Going back to 13,000 years ago. While so many years have passed, Japanese manufacturers were influenced by foreign country's sweet habits. Due to this, they have evolved the sweets to more unique and healthier items. Starting from Senbei, Mochi, Youkan and more. Let us guide you to more than 80 items from our wholesale shop… 


About fabric item manufacturers

The Japanese representative fabric material is “Silk”. Using this, people have made Kimono, Furoshiki and Tenugui items since the Kamakura era (1180-1336). It was first made for emperors and  generals who have high society standards. After the moving generation, it became common among average citizens. Let us guide you to more than 100 items from our wholesale shop…


About tableware manufacturers

Japanese traditional tablewares are bowls, chopsticks and box containers made in the Muromachi era(1336-1568). Usually, it is made from Hinoki wood and painted with resin. For that the wood gets stronger enough to protect from insects and wet environment.  Also, it stops the wood from growing. From ancient times, Japanese manufacturers have expected the products to be beautiful and convenient at the same time. Let us guide you to more than 50 items from our wholesale shop… 


About interior manufacturers

The Authentic Japanese interior includes wooden dolls, toys, weapon interiors and more. Since the Nara era(1200 years ago), manufacturers have made these items for people's good wishes. For avoiding disease and disaster. For example, Hina Matsuri is one of the big events to celebrate daughters, where mother and father pray for health and happiness. Also, not only as an interior , these items were for children's toys. Let us guide you to more than 120 items from our wholesale shop…

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