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​About our service

MJPB2B is exporting “Made in Japan Products” to foreign countries especially Asia. By connecting Japanese manufacturer to foreign buyers, we are giving new opportunity to both sides by using our B2B e-commerce website. We provide Sweets, Tea and Authentic items with full responsibility. For example, Mochi sweets, green tea, bowls, wooden toy and even weapon interiors. In addition, we provide retail consulting service.

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​MJP B2B successive members and Promotion video

What is so special about our service?

・Gather Japanese Sweets, Tea and Authentic items
・Our products are made or designed by professional manufacturer
・Provide free samples for business owners and retailers
・One of MJP members will be your exclusive Made in Japan Consultant

We will first have an online meeting to hear your business story, backgrounds and expectation. We can start from test marketing, if you have any worries to make a huge purchase immediately. MJPB2B is happy to provide you free samples


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MJP products are used by foreign business owners & retailers

About are transportation method

We usually give our clients a selection from Japan Post Holdings Co.,Ltd, DHL, Fedex  for safe and fast transportation. Choose your most comfortable logistic method. Depending on your order, the logistic fee will be deducted to  USD 0 $. Also, it is possible to search the price from the following button

○ Most affordable price
○ 7-9 days for delivery

○ Middle class price
○ 4-7 days for delivery

○ High class price
○ 4-7 days for delivery

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Transportation steps after receiving your order

About importing duty & sales tax

MJPB2B consultant will calculate the whole cost including duties & sales tax for you. For example considering MFN or Sales tax like GST & VAT. From these numbers, MJPB2B will give you the most affordable price & quantity to start or expand your business. Let us help you win the market with our products & strategy

​Basic information


□Company name:J Leopard

□Service Name:Made in Japan Products B2B, Meta Foreign Concierge

□Establishment:November, 19th 2018

□CEO:Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki


□Register ID:1040

□Bank account:Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

□Industry:Social Network Advertising, wholesale,exporting

□Location:1-6-4 K3 Senbamachi, Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

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