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​About our members

First the organization was established on November, 19th 2018 by Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki. Nadir started this business after graduating from Dokkyo university in 2018. He started to seek middle companies in Soka, Asakusa, Nihonbashi and Kappabashi, where there are various Japanese products. Specialized in Interior items, tableware and fabric products we are providing B2B e-commerce website for Japanese manufacturer and foreign buyers


History of MJPB2B

Member Introduction

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Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki, CEO of MJPB2B, was born in Japan and raised in Pakistan. Since his parents were active entrepreneurs, he had an exciting childhood experience. Enrolling in Dokkyo university Japan, his major was South East Asia affairs. After graduating, he decided to start a company for Japanese manufacturers and foreign buyers . Expertise in Meta advertising and international sales . Member of "Meta Boost leader network" provided by Meta Platforms, Inc.(Facebook Japan).


Made in Japan Products B2B

Chief Executive Officer 

Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki

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Kana Watanabe, CTO of MJPB2B, is a Website programmer supporting Nadir Tatsuki since 2018. She has a career of making websites for Japanese Music companies when she was a university student. She is in-charge of building and managing MJPB2B e-commerce website specialized in wholesale. 

Made in Japan Products B2B

Chief Technology Officer 

Kana Watanabe

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Mitsue Takahashi is a Product Planner & CFO of MJPB2B. Expert of product planning and quantity arrangement. In-charge of sales in building trust with Japanese manufacturers. Also, she is a well experienced financial officer


Made in Japan Products B2B
Product Planner & CFO
Mitsue Takahashi

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Contributed members

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MJPB2B started with active university students in 2018. Nadir was always discussing “how can we sell Japanese authentic items to foreign market?” with his members. Having thousands of discussions and mistakes, MJPB2B has started to build a real solution for Japanese manufacturers and foreign buyers. Appreciated to these members who empower the organization. Currently we are working with 5 members who have sophisticated skills and experience.


□Company name:J Leopard

□Service Name:Made in Japan Products B2B, Meta Foreign Concierge

□Establishment:November, 19th 2018

□CEO:Muhammado Nadir Tatsuki


□Register ID:1040

□Bank account:Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

□Industry:Social Network Advertising, wholesale,exporting

□Location:1-6-4 K3 Senbamachi, Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture, Japan

​Basic information

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