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Tripple box "Ojubako"

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Japanese Women "Yuki"

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Tripple box "Ojubako"
Tripple box "Ojubako"

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【Story about “Ojubako”】

Ojubako is a box interior to see and enjoy it’s gorgeous design. It was made in Muromachi era(1336-1573).Samurais and feudal lords were using this as a lunch box. These days people use to eat food only on the new year anniversary as a special tableware. Also, it is used as an interior.


【Basic Information】

□Material:  wood

□Size :    5.5inch (Height)   5.5inch (Length)  5.5inch(width)

□Weight: 1.4pound(650g)

□Manufacturing/Sales Location:  Kapabashi street, Asakusa district, Tokyo Japan

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