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Sword interior "Onigoroshi"

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Japanese Women "Yuki"

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Sword interior "Onigoroshi"
Sword interior "Onigoroshi"

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【Story about “Onigoroshi”】

“Onigoroshi” is a Japanese sword which has an ancient story. Japanese sword “Katana” were made from Heian era(794-1192)in Japan. It was a self-protection item and civil power for man. Onigoroshi is a sword used by a famous samurai unknown who has slayed a demon in ancient times. Since then, the blade has turned its color into black. A stylish interior to decorate in your house or office


【Basic Information】

□Material:  Metal

□Size     :  3inch(Height) 41inch(lenght) 

□Weight  : 7.5pounds(3.3kg)

□Manufacture/Sales Location: Asakusa district, Tokyo Japan

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